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“When it comes to philanthropically making an impact, no group has done it better than the Prescott Foundation.”

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Prescott Foundation Grant Guidelines

Our mission is to build a better community through charitable giving.

The Prescott Foundation supports programs, projects and organizations that enrich life for residents of the Prescott community. We provide grants for community development, education, recreation, arts and culture, environmental projects, youth programs and community services.

In setting priorities for making grants, we consider the needs of the Prescott area, the programs of other funding agencies, and our resources.

The Prescott Foundation welcomes grant requests from organized groups within the greater Prescott area that meet one of the following criteria:

Grants are generally not awarded for:

Grant requests will be evaluated based on project purpose, innovation, reach within the community, budget, the capacity to continue the project, the ability of the requesting group to successfully implement and manage the project, and the availability of other funding.

Because we expect that requests for funds will always exceed our resources, we will give higher priority to projects that significantly contribute to the benefit of our community and where a moderate amount of money can achieve a significant result.

Grant recipients are selected by the Prescott Foundation Board of Directors and approved by the St. Croix Valley Foundation Board of Directors.

We require that all grant recipients provide a brief summary of the program’s results. We will indicate a timeframe for the summary when we notify recipients of a grant award.

When completing the grant application, please provide the appropriate amount of detail so that Foundation Board members can understand and evaluate your request.

How to Apply for a Grant

Click the link below to download our grant application form. You can either:

Complete the form electronically, save it and return it to us by email.

Print the form, complete it by hand, and either scan and return it to us by email or mail it to us.


Where to Send Requests

Email requests to: info@prescottfoundation.com


Mail requests to: PO Box 392, Prescott, WI 54021

Grant requests should be received by the first of the month for consideration at the following month’s meeting. Please allow a minimum of 60 days from the date of submission to the date any approved grant funds are delivered.

Contact Us

The grant committee coordinators and Foundation president are available to answer questions from grant seekers. Such consultation will be informal and carry no assurance of suitability for funding.

Grant Committee Coordinators:

Dar Hovel, 651-206-0573

or email us at info@prescottfoundation.com

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